HEAL Wants the Government to Take Away Parental Rights…

Heal’s Parenting Guide says parents should not try to influence their children, saying::Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of Life’s longing for itself. They come through you but not from you. And though they are with you yet they belong not to you. You may give them your love but not your thoughts.” Source: http://www.heal-online.org/parent.htm


Does HEAL have an Atheistic Agenda? You Be the Judge…

“Prior to HEAL, I worked as college organizer for the Humanist Association of Los Angeles and media coordinator for Atheists United.” –From the bio of the HEAL-ONLINE California coordinator

California Coordinator for HEAL On-Line . . . will be speaking on ‘BEHIND BARBED WIRES: THE REALITY OF TEEN CONCENTRATION CAMPS IN AMERICA’ on March 27, 2012 … sponsored by Atheists Coalition. Source: http://californiahealresistance.wordpress.com

HEAL ONLINE believes that religious therapeutic programs are in a conspiracy with the government to brainwash children AND parents…

HEAL says, “False confessions are one part of the brainwashing/coercive thought reform process.  This is why this is common-place in these programs.  They are cults and use basic brainwashing methods to manipulate and control children and often their parents (through parent seminars).”
Source: pfctruth.com/pathwayorigins.htm and rickross.com/groups/lifespring.html

“The government is actively using brainwashing techniques on the most vulnerable in our society, those adults imprisoned (many falsely) and those children in private prisons as paid for by our tax dollars as well as parent’s pocketbooks and insurance companies, we should all be in agreement that this is the most important issue needing solving in our society today.” Source: beyondbusiness.net/openletter.htm

“This is happening in ‘private boarding schools’ claiming to ‘help troubled teens’ and instead are, in fact, brainwashing (or attempting to brainwash) teens who have done nothing but question authority.” Source: beyondbusiness.net/openletter.htm

“Survivors are often too afraid of being put back into the “care” of these psychotic brainwashing fools who don’t consider ethics or morals in their world that often we don’t speak out, the fear being too great.”  Source: beyondbusiness.net/openletter.htm

“Good” behavior modification or therapeutic programs for children and teens are rumored to exist.  However, it is HEAL’s experience that it is more likely than not that there is no such entity.  Source:  http://www.heal-online.org/faqs.htm

Even success is twisted by HEAL to be bad: “Our concern is that even people who’ve gone through the program credit the program with ‘building’ them into the individuals they’ve become. This is a red flag because it shows that the program does not empower youth to be independent thinkers or help children to recognize their own worth.” HEAL was responding to this statement by a teen who went through a program that HEAL doesn’t recommend: “‘It taught me how to be a responsible person. They taught me honesty, integrity, built me into a person that really wants to make a difference in the world,’ said Mayfield.” Source: http://www.heal-online.org/investigate.htm

Why don’t therapeutic boarding schools stop HEAL or make them take back their accusations of abuse?

HEAL has close ties with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The founder has a law degree, and others on staff or volunteers are lawyers. They welcome lawsuits because the organization has no assets and they see the resulting legal proceedings as a drain on the finances of complainants — therefore causing them harm.

In their words…“HEAL has received many “Cease and Desist” requests over the years and we have never complied. We will never comply. And, we advise corporations, businesses, and other entities that violate human rights and defraud the public to stop trying to intimidate us into silence. We will not be silenced.” Source: heal-online.org/harassment.htm

To our knowledge, no program who has ever tried to set the record straight with HEAL has ever been given the opportunity to share their rebuttal, since HEAL deems everything they say to be a lie…According to HEAL, “Programs resort to manipulation, lies, and confrontational and baseless attacks to avoid being held accountable for their own misdeeds. While it is possible that those in the industry have been dealing with ‘troubled teens’ for so long that they themselves have become identical to the population they claim to serve (based on their statements about their clients, not any belief held by HEAL), it is more likely that those running these programs have always been liars and manipulators and unable to see anything but their own reflection in the eyes of others.” Source: http://www.heal-online.org/harassment.htm

HEAL’s espouses opinion and untruths about the personnel of therapeutic programs with no proof whatsoever. No one at HEAL is a trained therapist, psychologist or childcare expert. They have never set foot on the campus of nearly all of the programs they claim to have abused their residents. Their goal is to simply shut them all down …

Their opinion of therapeutic program staff…“Program staff/directors are master-manipulators, liars, and crafty salespeople. They are great at…blaming the kids (that they see as “throw-aways”) for the program staff’s own wrong-doing knowing that many parents send children to programs as a punishment.” Source: http://www.heal-online.org/warn.htm

Their opinion of the industry: “…this industry is fraudulent, abusive, torturous, corrupt, and often deadly. We will not condone or recommend risking any child or young adult’s well-being by placing them in a private, unregulated prison under the complete control of strangers.”  When asked if there is any “good” therapeutic program, their response is consistently “NO!”  Source: heal-online.org/parentsupport.htm

An example of how HEAL incorrectly reports on programs:  A boys ranch we are familiar with is characterized by HEAL as “It looks to be a basic slave/labor camp” and they go on to recommend against placing a child there because of that and because the program has a levels system.  In fact, HEAL knows nothing about this program, its staff or how it operates. They assume that the boys help with the cattle ranch as unpaid labor, but that is totally untrue. They assume that the owners are getting rich, and in fact, the owners have to supplement the costs of the program out of their own pockets. The boys are taught to be horse “whisperers.” They are given an unbroken horse when they enter the program, and by interacting with the horse and how the horse can be a mirror of their own attitudes, they can see more readily how they are acting. The horse, in essence, teaches the child to think and behave in a different way.  It is an awesome program with a strong and unique therapeutic approach that should be congratulated and emulated, not torn down and called a “slave/labor camp.” To say that is unconscionable and irresponsible, as are most of the reviews on HEAL-ONLINE.

HEAL specifically focuses on destroying faith-based programs…Nearly every Christian program in the country that has been around for a few years is on HEAL’s list of so-called “teen torture and abuse” facilities. Yet they know so little about most programs that they don’t even know that a number of the programs that they list are not teen facilities at all — they only work with adults (and they’ve gained high praise from the government for their effectiveness). HEAL obviously doesn’t know about the inner workings of these programs, but has lumped them all together, assuming that all religious programs are automatically abusive.

We recently had a parent contact HEAL by phone about a specific boarding school. They tried to discourage her from enrolling in any Christian program, period. In fact, when she asked them, “What Christian program do you recommend?” someone named Simone, who calls herself a survivor of a teen program, told the parent, “All treatment centers are not designed to help but to brainwash and abuse.” She recommended the parent not consider any Christian program, adding “All Christian homes are the same — brainwashing cults.”

Tragic accidents are not always a reason for a good program to be shut down. In some cases, HEAL pushes for the closure of programs where a tragic accident has occurred, calling it “abuse” whether or not it is the direct fault of the program.  In one case, a girl fell while on a hike and died. In another, a child died in an accident in the program vehicle.  These accidents are terrible to contemplate, but life is fragile.  HEAL jumps on these tragic events to make it appear that deaths must go on all the time. Incredulously, they even claim that programs are killing and burying kids on their property and covering up deaths. The truth is, any injury must be reported immediately to state authorities, and the percentage of deaths of teens while in programs is far less than deaths of teens outside of programs. In other words, kids are safer in a program than they would be otherwise. It is also proven that teens learn better while in a boarding school setting because they are less distracted and are given more help in learning.

HEAL always assumes the worst, even when they can find nothing wrong with a program. For instance, see this review: “HEAL’s concern is that this program is very tight with the behavior modification industry, including some confirmedly fraudulent and abusive programs.” They go on to say the program should not be considered because of this fact, and of course, their definition of “fraudulent and abusive” has more to do with it not allowing the child to do whatever they want to do, including leaving the program at any given time.  Source: http://www.heal-online.org/investigate.htm

Or, just because a program is located in a particular state, they tell all parents to stay away: “HEAL recommends no parent subject any child to any program in Utah, as Utah is corrupt and refuses to regulate or take action against confirmedly abusive programs.” Source: http://www.heal-online.org/investigate.htm